Gaming Keyboards Comparison: Razer BlackWidow vs. Corsair K95 Platinum

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Gaming Keyboards Comparison: Razer BlackWidow vs. Corsair K95 Platinum

If you are looking for the best gaming keyboard, Razer BlackWidow and Corsair K95
Platinum are the well-known brands available to consider. This article has accessed the best
keyboard out of these two.


In terms of design, both keyboards are more or less the same. They have almost the same
height, width, depth, and weight. Both of them offer wired connectivity. But the K95 has
one of the lowest pre-travel distances. Both of them provide a backlit keyboard and have
the option to minimize and maximize the brightness of the backlit option. But Razer
BlackWidow can minimize the brightness more than Corsair K95 Platinum.

The RGB lighting of K95 bleeds a lot more throughout the board than Razer’s lighting. The
Razer’s overall build quality seems more durable, and comes with a plushy wrist rest. Both
keyboards are quite sturdy and smudge-resistant.


In terms of the quality of the switches, Razer’s got a lot better quality switches. One can
hear the rattling sound of Corsair K95 whereas Razer BlackWidow’s does not make any such
noise. However, the Corsair K95 offers a satisfying typing experience.

Now let’s talk about the software to control the keyboard lights. Corsair K95 Platinum’s
software has improved a lot since its last version. It does offer more customizing options for
advanced users. In contrast, Razer BlackWidow does not provide as many options as K95 but
is highly intuitive, and after learning the software, you can still create pretty elaborate

As for the colors on the keyboard, Razer BlackWidow has a much more neon tint, whereas
K95 has colors that are much more vibrant but richer in hue. Both keyboards use a very
different aesthetic. The BlackWidow V2 uses a top cover that directs the lights over the
users. The lighting pops things to the white backlit behind the keys, reflecting the lights and
giving you a nice lightbox effect around the keys.

Both keyboards are well-illuminated in their ways. The Razor is a better option for those
who like RGB lighting but do not want to overdo it with flashy, distracting lights, while the
K95 Platinum is not the RGB fans’ dreams allowing you to put on some spectacular light

In terms of extras, both keyboards have dedicated macros. The Razer BlackWidow has a row
of five, while the K95 has six. The K95’s keys are also textured to allow for easier use when
reaching from the left side of the board.

Both the keyboards have their USB pass-through. At the same time, Razer offers their passthrough at the right side of the board that can interfere with other peripherals. The K95 has a much better placement located right on the back of the port. This placement is great for
use with a mouse or headset, especially when looking at the cable running system under the

K95 Platinum. It’s an excellent design that allows your headset cord to come right through
your keyboard. This means no more awkward cables getting caught on things over or
around your other peripherals. Unfortunately, the Razer BlackWidow does not have a
similar cable running system.

The K95 has a full-end key rollover, while the BlackWidow only has 10-key rollovers.
Although you don’t need more than 10, it’s always nice to have a full-end key rollover when
spending a top dollar. The Razer BlackWidow has one edge over K95 because it also includes
an audio pass-through.

Final verdict

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum has been among the best RGB keyboards for the 2023 roundup at
PCmag. Razer BlackWidow V3 ranked among the best mid-range razer keyboard by Rtings
and the best affordable gaming mechanical keyboard by Laptop Mag. Finally, compared to
the users’ reviews, the Corsair K95 Platinum does a better job than the Razer BlackWidow.

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