Reichelt: A Comprehensive Guide to Your One-Stop Electronics Shop

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Reichelt: A Comprehensive Guide to Your One-Stop Electronics Shop

Reichelt Elektronik is a leading European online distributor for electronics and PC-related technology. With a vast inventory of over 150,000 high-quality products, the company stands out for its excellent price-performance ratio and reliable delivery. Catering to both hobbyists and professionals, Reichelt offers a diverse range of components and tools to meet every need. This guide will delve into the various product categories, special offers, and services that make Reichelt an essential resource for electronics enthusiasts.

Product Categories

Electronic Components

Reichelt is renowned for its extensive selection of electronic components, making it the go-to destination for engineers and hobbyists alike. The catalog includes integrated circuits (ICs), microcontrollers, LEDs, transistors, resistors, capacitors, connectors, and relays. These components are crucial for building and repairing electronic devices, ensuring that every project can be executed with precision and reliability.

Development Boards

Reichelt offers a variety of development boards, including popular platforms like Raspberry Pi and Arduino. These boards are indispensable for prototyping and developing innovative projects. The Raspberry Pi series, for instance, is perfect for learning programming, creating DIY electronics projects, and even setting up small servers. Arduino boards, with their ease of use and flexibility, are ideal for beginners and seasoned developers working on automation, robotics, and IoT projects.

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Power Supplies

A reliable power supply is vital for any electronic setup. Reichelt stocks a range of power supplies, from simple batteries and chargers to sophisticated uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and voltage regulators. These products ensure that electronic devices receive stable and consistent power, which is crucial for their longevity and performance.

Measurement Technology

Accurate measurements are essential in electronics, and Reichelt provides a wide array of measurement tools. Multimeters, oscilloscopes, and signal generators are just a few examples of the high-quality equipment available. These tools help diagnose and troubleshoot electronic circuits, ensuring that projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Workshop and Soldering Technology

For those who enjoy hands-on work, Reichelt’s selection of workshop and soldering tools is impressive. From professional soldering stations to basic hand tools, the range ensures that every DIY enthusiast and professional can find the right equipment. High-quality tools make tasks like assembling circuits, repairing devices, and creating custom electronics easier and more precise.

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Home Technology and Security

Reichelt also caters to the growing market for smart home technology and security systems. The catalog includes everything from smart plugs and sensors to complete home automation systems. These products help create safer, more efficient, and smarter living environments, providing convenience and peace of mind to users.

Networking Technology

In today’s connected world, robust networking solutions are a must. Reichelt’s networking category features routers, switches, cables, and accessories designed to keep homes and businesses connected. Whether setting up a home office or managing a large network, Reichelt’s products ensure high-speed, reliable connectivity.

PC Technology

Reichelt’s offerings extend to PC technology, including internal and external storage solutions, CPUs, RAM, and peripherals. These products cater to both casual users looking to upgrade their home computers and businesses in need of reliable hardware for their operations. With products from top brands, Reichelt ensures that customers receive the best in performance and durability.

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Audio-Video and Entertainment

For entertainment enthusiasts, Reichelt provides a variety of audio-video products. This category includes projectors, TVs, audio systems, and all necessary accessories like HDMI cables and mounts. These products enhance home entertainment experiences, delivering high-quality audio and video for movies, games, and music.

Special Offers and New Products

Reichelt frequently updates its catalog with new products and special offers, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest technology at competitive prices. The “New” section highlights the latest arrivals, while the “Sale” section features discounts on various products. This approach ensures that customers can find great deals on cutting-edge technology.

Newsletter and Catalogs

Staying informed about the latest products and offers is easy with Reichelt’s newsletter, which provides bi-weekly updates. Additionally, customers can request printed or online catalogs, offering a convenient way to browse the extensive inventory and stay updated on new arrivals and promotions.

Bestsellers and Featured Products

Reichelt highlights bestselling and featured products, showcasing popular items that customers love. From professional soldering stations like the WELLER WE1010 to innovative solutions like the Shelly Plus Plug S, these products are tried and tested favorites that deliver excellent performance and value.

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Secure Shopping and Customer Support

Shopping at Reichelt is secure and customer-friendly. The online shop is certified for data and buyer protection, ensuring that transactions are safe. Customers can also rely on the dedicated support team available via phone, email, and fax. Whether for order inquiries or technical support, Reichelt’s customer service is ready to assist.


Reichelt Elektronik is more than just an online store; it’s a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in electronics and technology. With a vast product range, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, Reichelt stands out as the ideal partner for both hobbyists and professionals. Whether embarking on a new project or upgrading existing systems, Reichelt provides the tools and components needed to succeed. Explore the world of Reichelt today and discover the best part of your project.

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