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Mumablue: Personalized Storybooks That Inspire and Delight

Welcome to Mumablue, where the magic of personalized storybooks brings joy and learning to children. Mumablue creates unique, customizable books that make kids the stars of their own adventures. Each book is designed to instill values, encourage a love for reading, and provide unforgettable memories. Explore the various offerings and discover why Mumablue is the perfect choice for personalized children’s books.

Why Choose Mumablue?

Instill Values and Promote Development

Mumablue storybooks are more than just entertaining reads; they are powerful tools for teaching important values. Each story is crafted to promote qualities such as empathy, trust, self-esteem, and kindness. By embedding these values in engaging narratives, Mumablue helps shape children into thoughtful and caring individuals.

Encourage a Love for Reading

Reading is a gateway to imagination and learning, and Mumablue makes this journey captivating for children. Personalized books where kids see themselves as the main characters foster a deeper connection to the story, making reading a fun and exciting activity.

Inclusive and Diverse

Mumablue celebrates diversity and inclusion. With up to 400,000 avatar combinations, every child can see themselves represented in their personalized storybook. Regardless of gender, background, or skin color, every child is welcome and valued in the Mumablue family.

Ist möglicherweise eine Abbildung von Spielzeug und Text

Unique and Memorable Gifts

A personalized storybook from Mumablue is a unique gift that children and their families will cherish. These books create lasting memories, making them perfect for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and family celebrations.

Explore the Collections

New Releases and Bestsellers

Discover the latest additions to the Mumablue collection and explore the bestselling storybooks loved by kids and parents alike.

We Love You So Much, Dad!

This personalized book is a heartfelt tribute to fathers, capturing the magic and superhero qualities that children see in their dads. With up to one adult and three children characters, it’s a perfect gift for Father’s Day or any day to show appreciation.

Dad, You’re the Best in the World!

Celebrate the special bond between father and child with this delightful storybook. Suitable for ages 4 to 7, it features playful adventures and the imaginative world of a loving dad and his kids.

Mama, ich bin in dem Buch drin!" Die personalisierten Bücher von Mumablue -  Müttermagazin


Customize up to five characters in this personalized family storybook. It celebrates family unity and shared moments, making it a beautiful keepsake for any family.

Grandma, You Are the Best in the World!

A wonderful gift for grandmothers, this book highlights the loving relationship between grandma and her grandchildren. It’s perfect for showing appreciation and celebrating family bonds.

Adventure and Imagination

Mumablue’s adventure-themed books take children on exciting journeys where they are the heroes of the story.

Name and the Pirate Treasure

Set sail on a thrilling pirate adventure with Pirate Misfortune. This storybook teaches values such as loyalty, honor, and pacifism, making it an exciting and educational read for ages 6 to 8.

Welche Vorteile hat ein personalisiertes Buch und warum sollte das Kind  jeden Tag ein wenig lesen - Blog Materlu

Name and FC Barcelona

Join the players of FC Barcelona and learn about effort, humility, and teamwork. This personalized story is perfect for young sports enthusiasts aged 5 to 9.

Name and the Mystery of the Tooth Fairy

An interactive adventure where children help the Tooth Fairy complete her mission. This book instills values of care, generosity, and kindness.

Values and Life Lessons

Mumablue storybooks are designed to impart important life lessons through engaging narratives.

The Magic of Name

A story about self-esteem, trust, and empathy. Children embark on a magical journey to find their fairy godmother and rediscover their good luck.


Discover the superpowers within with this inspiring story. It teaches fellowship, self-esteem, and overcoming fears, perfect for children aged 3 to 6.

Buchtipp // Life with kids: Das ganz besondere Geschenk – personalisierte  Kinderbücher von Hurra Helden – Wunderhaftig

Name’s Emotions

An educational story about understanding and managing emotions. Children learn about happiness, fear, anger, calm, and sadness in a fun and engaging way.

Special Occasions and Celebrations

Personalized Books for Holidays

Celebrate special occasions with personalized storybooks that make perfect gifts.

Name Saves Christmas

Join Santa Claus in a festive adventure and learn about solidarity, generosity, and the true spirit of Christmas. This book is a holiday favorite, loved by children and parents alike.

Christmas Together

A heartwarming story that captures the essence of family and celebration during Christmas. Customize up to two adults and three children characters to create a unique holiday keepsake.

Buchtipp // Life with kids: Das ganz besondere Geschenk – personalisierte  Kinderbücher von Hurra Helden – Wunderhaftig

Happy Birthday, Name!

Celebrate a special birthday with an interactive and fun adventure. This book makes birthdays even more magical and memorable.

Special Packs and Offers

Discover special packs and exclusive offers that add extra joy to your purchases.

Special Easter Pack

A delightful Easter-themed pack that includes a personalized coloring book, mug, and puzzle. This pack offers an engaging and creative way to celebrate Easter with a unique gift.

Join the Mumablue Family

MumaClub Membership

Join the MumaClub to receive a 10% discount on your first purchase and enjoy exclusive benefits. Stay updated with new products, promotions, and receive special content tailored for members.

Blog and Resources

Visit the Mumablue Blog for tips, stories, and educational content. The blog is a great resource for parents looking to enhance their children’s reading experience and learn more about the benefits of personalized storybooks.

Buchtipp // Life with kids: Das ganz besondere Geschenk – personalisierte  Kinderbücher von Hurra Helden – Wunderhaftig

Contact and Support

For any questions or assistance, Mumablue’s customer service team is readily available. Reach out via email, phone, or visit the FAQ section for quick answers to common inquiries.


Mumablue offers a magical world of personalized storybooks that inspire, educate, and delight children. With a focus on values, inclusivity, and the joy of reading, Mumablue books are cherished by families worldwide. Explore the diverse collections and discover the perfect personalized storybook for your child. Visit Mumablue today to start creating unforgettable memories with stories that your little ones will love.

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