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Medicross Labs: Understanding Your Body for Better Health

Welcome to Medicross Labs, where understanding your body has never been easier. Offering a variety of tests designed to identify nutritional deficiencies and intolerances, Medicross Labs helps improve overall well-being. With a friendly and supportive approach, these tests are available for both humans and pets, making it simple to achieve optimal health for the whole family.

Why Choose Medicross Labs?

Medicross Labs stands out for its comprehensive testing methods, easy-to-understand results, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Here’s what makes Medicross Labs the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals:

  • Wide Range of Tests: From micronutrient needs to food intolerances, find the right test to understand your body’s needs.
  • Quick and Discreet Process: Get results in just a few days, without any discomfort.
  • Accessible for Pets: Extend the benefits of these tests to your furry friends.
  • Expert Support: Access to nutritional advice from professional dietitians.

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Comprehensive Testing Options

Micronutrient Test

Understanding your body’s micronutrient needs is essential for maintaining good health. The Micronutrient Test from Medicross Labs identifies deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. With over 72 tested nutrients, this test provides a detailed insight into what your body needs to function optimally.

  • Price: €39.90 – €69.90
  • For Pets: Yes
  • Includes: Detailed PDF report, nutritional advice, e-book on micronutrients

Food Intolerance Test

Food intolerances can lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as headaches, bloating, and digestive issues. The Food Intolerance Test identifies up to 650 potential triggers, including foods, metals, and pet dander. This test helps tailor your diet to avoid problematic substances and enhance overall well-being.

  • Price: €39.90 – €69.90
  • For Pets: Yes
  • Includes: Detailed PDF report, dietary recommendations, e-book on intolerances

Combination Test

For a comprehensive analysis, the Combination Test includes both the Micronutrient Test and the Food Intolerance Test. This package offers a complete picture of your health, identifying both nutrient needs and intolerances to help you achieve optimal wellness.

  • Price: €69.90 – €139.80
  • For Pets: Yes
  • Includes: Detailed PDF report, combined nutritional and dietary advice, e-books

Medicross Labs – Erfahrungen mit dem Test Mikronährstoffanalyse Pro |

How the Testing Process Works

The testing process at Medicross Labs is simple, quick, and pain-free. Follow these four easy steps to get your results:

  • Order Your Test: Purchase the desired test online and print the submission form.
  • Collect Hair Sample: Cut a small hair strand and securely pack it with the submission form.
  • Send the Sample: Mail the hair sample to Medicross Labs.
  • Receive Results: Get your detailed results in 3 to 18 working days.

Detailed Results and Expert Guidance

Understanding the results from Medicross Labs is crucial for making informed decisions about your health. The detailed PDF report provided after testing offers a comprehensive overview of your body’s specific needs and intolerances. Here’s an in-depth look at what to expect and how to utilize the expert guidance offered by Medicross Labs.

Nutrient Needs Analysis

The Nutrient Needs Analysis section of your report categorizes your micronutrient requirements into three levels: high, medium, and low. This analysis includes:

  • Vitamins: Detailed information on your vitamin levels, highlighting any deficiencies or surpluses. For instance, if there is a high need for Vitamin D, specific recommendations on dietary sources and supplements will be provided.
  • Minerals: Essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc are assessed to ensure your body is receiving the necessary amounts for optimal function.
  • Amino Acids: Critical for muscle repair and overall health, your amino acid levels are evaluated to identify any imbalances.
  • Enzymes: Understanding enzyme levels helps address digestive and metabolic concerns, offering suggestions for improvement.

Food Intolerances Breakdown

Identifying food intolerances is a significant step towards alleviating chronic symptoms and improving overall well-being. The Food Intolerance Breakdown section categorizes potential triggers into three reactivity levels:

Hausstauballergie-Test - Das müssen Sie wissen - 2 Methoden

  • High Reactivity: Foods or substances that cause significant reactions. For example, if garlic shows high reactivity, it’s crucial to eliminate it from your diet to avoid adverse symptoms.
  • Medium Reactivity: Items that may cause moderate reactions. These should be consumed with caution and monitored for any symptoms.
  • Low Reactivity: Foods that are generally safe but should still be observed for any minor reactions.

This comprehensive breakdown helps tailor your diet to avoid discomfort and enhance health.

Personalized Recommendations

Once your nutrient needs and intolerances are identified, Medicross Labs provides personalized recommendations to help you make informed dietary and lifestyle choices. This includes:

  • Dietary Adjustments: Specific food suggestions to incorporate or avoid based on your test results. For instance, if there’s a high need for magnesium, incorporating foods like spinach, nuts, and whole grains into your diet is recommended.
  • Supplement Guidance: Recommendations for supplements that can help address deficiencies. The report might suggest specific brands or types of supplements to ensure optimal absorption and effectiveness.
  • Lifestyle Tips: General advice on lifestyle changes that can enhance your well-being, such as increasing exposure to sunlight for Vitamin D synthesis or incorporating stress-reducing practices to improve overall health.

Customer Testimonials

Medicross Labs prides itself on customer satisfaction, as reflected in numerous positive reviews. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

There is no validity': Unproven blood tests for food sensitivity widely  offered in Canada | CBC News

  • MªCarmen: “Very useful to know what causes inflammation and discomfort. Helps me adjust my diet perfectly.”
  • Silke: “Very helpful, highly recommend.”
  • Doris: “Great and fast, have already recommended it, though had some issues with payment.”
  • Gertrude D.: “Top-notch, fast delivery and results. Highly recommend.”

Special Offers and Discounts

Medicross Labs frequently offers special discounts to make health testing accessible to more people. Current promotions include:

  • Single Test Discount: €69.90 now only €39.90
  • Combination Package Discount: €139.80 now only €69.90

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Medicross Labs offers an invaluable service for anyone looking to understand their body’s needs better. With comprehensive tests, clear results, and expert guidance, Medicross Labs makes it easy to achieve optimal health and well-being. Explore the range of tests, take control of your health journey, and start feeling better today. Visit the official website to learn more and order your test.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with Medicross Labs – where science meets wellness for a better you!

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