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Lusini: Your Trusted Partner for Hospitality and Gastronomy

Lusini has been a cornerstone in the hospitality and gastronomy sectors since 1987, providing premium-quality products and professional consulting services. This guide explores Lusini’s extensive offerings, popular products, and the invaluable support provided to clients. Whether preparing for a major event or equipping a cozy boutique hotel, Lusini ensures that all needs are met with unparalleled excellence.

Lusini: A Legacy of Excellence

History and Mission

Since its inception in 1987, Lusini has been dedicated to serving passionate hosts in the hospitality industry. The company prides itself on being a comprehensive outfitter and a professional advisor for hotels and restaurants. The mission is clear: to provide everything needed from a single source, ensuring convenience and quality for all clients.

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Product Categories

Lusini offers a diverse range of products catering to various aspects of hospitality and gastronomy. The main product categories include:

  • Outdoor Furniture: Durable and stylish options from VEGA, ideal for creating inviting outdoor spaces.
  • Cocktail Glasses: Elegant and functional designs perfect for any bar setting.
  • Sunshades: High-quality sunshades to provide comfort and protection outdoors.
  • Professional Textiles: High-grade bedding, table linens, and uniforms.

Essential Products for Hospitality and Gastronomy

Outdoor Furniture by VEGA

Creating an appealing outdoor space is crucial for any hospitality business. VEGA’s outdoor furniture range includes:

  • Loungemöbel: Comfortable and stylish lounge furniture designed for relaxation.
  • Sunshades and Umbrellas: Essential for providing shade and enhancing the outdoor ambiance.
  • Outdoor Dining Sets: Functional and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for outdoor dining areas.

Premium Glassware

Lusini’s collection of cocktail glasses from VEGA is crafted to meet the demands of professional bars and restaurants. Key offerings include:

  • Cocktail Glasses: Available in various designs to suit different cocktail styles.
  • Wine Glasses: Elegant glassware to enhance the wine-tasting experience.
  • Trinkgläser: Versatile drinking glasses for everyday use.

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Hotel and Restaurant Supplies

Lusini’s range of hotel and restaurant supplies ensures that businesses can maintain high standards of hospitality:

  • Hotel Bedding: Premium quality bedding sets like the “Bettgarnitur Siena Hotelverschluss” and “Bettgarnitur Tux” offer comfort and durability.
  • Table Linens: Various designs and colors, including the “Tischdecke Atlanta-Fox eckig” and “Tischdecke La Villa eckig.”
  • Professional Attire: Uniforms from JOBELINE, such as the “Damenbluse Fiore Langarm” and “Damenkochjacke Carter Halbarm,” combine style and functionality.

Featured Brands

Lusini collaborates with several renowned brands to ensure the highest quality for its customers:

  • VEGA: Specializes in stylish and functional furniture and tableware.
  • ERWIN M.: Offers high-quality textiles for the kitchen, bathroom, and dining areas.
  • JOBELINE: Provides professional attire designed for comfort and durability.
  • PULSIVA: Known for affordable yet high-quality products, perfect for both professionals and hobbyists.

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Lusini’s Value-Added Services

Personalized Service and Expert Advice

Lusini’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its personalized services:

  • On-site Consultation: Expert advice from Lusini’s team of professionals to help choose the best products and solutions.
  • Product Personalization: Customization services to tailor products according to specific needs.
  • Sample Service: Allows customers to test products before making a purchase.
  • Bonus Program: Rewarding loyal customers with benefits and discounts.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Emphasizing eco-friendly practices and products.

Exclusive Sales and Offers

Lusini provides a variety of exclusive sales and discounts, making it easier for businesses to access premium products at competitive prices. Highlights include:

  • Regular Sales: Significant discounts on popular items such as the “Damenbluse Kate Halbarm” and “Tischdecke Gletsch.”
  • New Arrivals: Stay updated with the latest trends and products in the Lusini catalog.
  • Lusini Magazine: Offers insights into industry trends, product features, and inspirational ideas for hospitality businesses.

Ensuring Quality and Convenience

Easy Ordering and Reliable Delivery

Lusini’s online platform ensures a seamless shopping experience with features such as:

  • Search Functionality: Easily find products using search terms or article numbers.
  • Wishlist and Shopping Cart: Convenient tools to manage and review desired products before purchasing.
  • Fast Delivery: Reliable and quick delivery services to ensure timely arrival of products.

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Customer Support and Guarantees

Lusini provides comprehensive customer support, ensuring that any issues or queries are promptly addressed:

  • Dedicated Helpline: Assistance via phone and email for all product and service inquiries.
  • Return and Exchange Policy: Hassle-free returns and exchanges to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Long-term Guarantees: Up to 10 years of purchase guarantees on select products, underscoring the commitment to quality and durability.


Lusini stands out as a trusted partner for hospitality and gastronomy professionals, offering a vast array of high-quality products and personalized services. From premium outdoor furniture to elegant glassware and professional textiles, Lusini ensures that every need is met with precision and care. Explore Lusini’s extensive catalog and experience the difference in quality and service that has made it a leader in the industry since 1987. For all hospitality and gastronomy needs, Lusini is the go-to source, delivering excellence and reliability every step of the way.

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