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Hey! Broadband: Pioneering Full Fibre Connectivity

Hey! Broadband (H!B) emerges as a formidable player in the UK broadband market, dedicated to delivering full fibre, ultra-fast internet services to homes, home workers, and businesses. With a clear focus on reliability, affordability, and speed, H!B offers an attractive range of options that cater to diverse needs. This detailed review will explore the offerings of Hey! Broadband, emphasizing its technological edge, customer-centric policies, and its commitment to seamless connectivity.

Introduction to Hey! Broadband

Hey! Broadband stands out in the telecommunications industry by providing full fibre optic connectivity directly to premises, ensuring superior speed and reliability compared to traditional broadband solutions. Located in the UK, H!B is committed to transforming internet access with its state-of-the-art technology and user-centric service model.

Hey! Broadband

Key Features

  • Gigafast Broadband: Offering speeds up to 900 Mbps, H!B provides one of the fastest internet connections available, suitable for everything from streaming ultra-HD videos to handling multiple devices simultaneously without any lag.
  • Three Months Free: New customers can enjoy three months of free service, a testament to H!B’s confidence in their product and a bonus for budget-conscious consumers.
  • No Price Increase Guarantee: Prices are locked in for the duration of the contract, providing transparency and predictability for all subscribers.

Product and Service Offerings

Residential Broadband

Hey! Broadband’s residential packages are designed to meet the needs of various home setups, from casual surfing to high-demand gaming and streaming. The installation process is hassle-free, designed to get customers connected with minimal disruption.

Home Worker Solutions

Recognizing the unique needs of home-based professionals, H!B offers dedicated IP addresses and premium Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These packages ensure that home workers have reliable, fast internet with priority customer service.

Business Broadband

For businesses, H!B provides robust broadband solutions with dedicated technical support and an 8-working-hour fix time SLA. This service is tailored to meet the demands of businesses that rely on strong, uninterrupted internet access.

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Customer-Centric Approaches

Easy Switching Process

Switching to Hey! Broadband is streamlined:

  1. Check availability by entering your postcode.
  2. Choose the appropriate package based on your needs.
  3. Select an installation date that works for you.
  4. Enjoy a smooth installation process and superior internet connectivity.

Support and Accessibility

H!B prides itself on offering top-notch customer and technical support, accessible via a dedicated helpline. Their support teams are known for being knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive, reflecting the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Technological Advantages

Hey! Broadband (H!B) sets itself apart in the broadband market with cutting-edge technological solutions designed to provide superior internet connectivity. This section delves deeper into the technological advantages that make H!B a leader in delivering high-quality, ultra-fast broadband services.

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Full Fibre Infrastructure

The core of H!B’s technological prowess lies in its full fibre, or fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) infrastructure. Unlike traditional broadband that often uses a combination of fibre and copper cabling, H!B’s full fibre approach involves running fibre optic cables directly to the user’s home or business. This direct connection eliminates any reliance on older copper cables, which can degrade signal quality and speed.

  • Speed and Stability: Full fibre connections support much higher data speeds, up to 1 Gbps, and are more reliable than copper-based connections. Users experience less interference and fluctuation in speeds, which is crucial for streaming, gaming, and high-speed downloads.
  • Future-Proofing: As the demand for higher bandwidth continues to grow, full fibre infrastructure is best positioned to handle future technological advancements and higher data loads without requiring significant overhauls.

Intelligent Wi-Fi Technology

H!B enhances user experience inside the home or office with its intelligent Wi-Fi solutions, specifically through the use of Superpods. These devices are not just Wi-Fi extenders; they are part of a smarter network solution designed to optimize home internet use.

  • Enhanced Coverage: Superpods work together to create a mesh network that covers the entire premises, effectively eliminating dead zones where Wi-Fi coverage might previously have been weak or nonexistent.
  • Adaptive Routing: The system automatically chooses the best path for data to travel through the network, reducing buffering and improving overall network efficiency.
  • Network Management: With the smart app provided by H!B, users can manage their network from anywhere. This includes setting parental controls, prioritizing devices, and scheduling internet access to better manage online time for children.

For home - Hey! Broadband

Smart App Integration

The H!B smart app goes beyond simple network management, offering features that integrate deeply with the user’s lifestyle:

  • Content Control: Users can manage what content is accessible through their network, enhancing security and providing peace of mind.
  • Motion Detection: An innovative use of existing technology, the app can turn network devices into motion detectors, offering a layer of security without the need for additional hardware.
  • Device Prioritization: Users can prioritize devices that need more bandwidth, ensuring optimal performance for critical tasks or entertainment.

Environmental Impact

By leveraging full fibre technology, H!B also contributes to environmental sustainability. Full fibre networks are more energy-efficient than traditional copper networks, reducing the carbon footprint associated with digital data transmission.

  • Reduced Energy Usage: Fibre optic cables are more efficient at transmitting data, requiring less energy per unit of data compared to copper cables.
  • Longevity and Durability: The durability of fibre optic cables means less frequent replacements and reduced maintenance needs, contributing to lower overall resource consumption.

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Promotions and Incentives

Referral Rewards

Hey! Broadband encourages existing customers to refer new users by offering a £50 gift card to both the referee and the new customer. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also helps expand their user base through word-of-mouth.

Social Tariffs

Acknowledging the financial constraints some users may face, H!B offers an Everyday Fibre plan at a discounted rate for those on universal credit, ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality internet.


Hey! Broadband stands as a beacon of innovation in the UK broadband market, offering high-speed, reliable internet services through full fibre technology. With its customer-first approach, comprehensive tech solutions, and robust service packages for homes and businesses, H!B is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their internet experience. The combination of cutting-edge technology, customer-focused services, and competitive pricing makes Hey! Broadband a standout provider, poised to meet the digital demands of modern consumers and businesses alike.

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For those interested in experiencing a new level of connectivity or seeking more information about Hey! Broadband’s services, visiting their website or contacting their customer service directly would provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to specific needs and preferences.

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