Elevate Your Culinary Game with Lusini: Your Ultimate Kitchen Equipment Partner

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Elevate Your Culinary Game with Lusini: Your Ultimate Kitchen Equipment Partner

Lusini stands as a beacon for those seeking top-notch kitchen equipment, particularly for the gastronomy sector. With a diverse array of products tailored to meet the demanding needs of professional kitchens, Lusini ensures that every chef, cook, and kitchen staff member is equipped with the best tools to create culinary masterpieces. Dive into the extensive catalogue and discover the perfect solutions for a seamless and efficient kitchen experience.

Essential Kitchen Equipment

Lusini offers a comprehensive selection of kitchen equipment that caters to every aspect of professional cooking. Here’s a glimpse of the indispensable items available:

  • GN Containers: Available in various sizes and types, these containers are essential for food storage, preparation, and service. Their versatility makes them a staple in any professional kitchen.
  • Cookware: From robust pots to high-quality pans, the cookware at Lusini is designed to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen. Products like the Eisenpfanne Aronus and the Bratpfanne Professional from Tramontina are perfect examples of durability and performance.
  • Knives and Knife Blocks: Precision and safety are paramount in the kitchen. The newly added knife blocks from VEGA, such as the Messerblock Abegail and Messerblock Seta, ensure that chefs have easy access to sharp, reliable knives.

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New Arrivals: Knife Blocks from VEGA

Introducing the latest additions to the Lusini catalogue, these knife blocks from VEGA are designed to meet the high standards of professional chefs:

  • Messerblock Abegail: Priced at €119.00, this knife block offers a sleek design and superior functionality.
  • Messerblock Seta: A stylish option at €79.99, combining elegance with practical storage solutions.
  • Messerblock Elia, Salvo, Dante, and Pablo: Ranging from €69.99 to €99.99, these knife blocks provide a range of choices to suit different kitchen needs and aesthetics.

Top Brands for Kitchen Equipment

Lusini proudly partners with renowned brands to provide high-quality kitchen equipment. Some of these top brands include:

  • Bartscher: Known for its durable and efficient kitchen appliances.
  • Neumärker: Specializes in high-performance kitchen gadgets.
  • F. Dick: A trusted name in professional knives and sharpening tools.
  • Thermo Future Box: Offers innovative solutions for food transport and storage.
  • de Buyer: Renowned for its high-quality cookware and baking tools.
  • VEGA: Provides a broad range of kitchen essentials and accessories.

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Special Offers and Promotions

Lusini regularly features special offers and promotions to help customers save while outfitting their kitchens with premium products. Here are some current deals:

  • Servierwagen Standard 3B 3 Borde: Save 18%, now priced at €96.99.
  • Antihaftpfanne Chef by PULSIVA: Available from €22.99, a must-have for non-stick cooking.
  • Geschirrtuch Jena by PULSIVA: A great deal at €0.89 each, ensuring cleanliness in the kitchen.

Comprehensive Range of Kitchen Products

Lusini’s extensive range of products covers all aspects of kitchen operations:

  • Kitchen Utensils: From spatulas to whisks, find all the tools needed for efficient cooking.
  • Gastro Appliances: High-performance stoves, ovens, and refrigeration units that ensure food is cooked to perfection and stored safely.
  • Stainless Steel Furniture: Durable, hygienic, and easy to clean, perfect for professional kitchens.
  • Dishwashing Solutions: Including robust dish racks and cleaning supplies to maintain impeccable hygiene standards.

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Equip Your Kitchen with Lusini

For those looking to outfit their kitchens with the best equipment, Lusini offers a range of products designed to meet the high standards of the gastronomy industry. Whether it’s a large-scale kitchen or a cozy bistro, Lusini has the solutions needed to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Patisserie and Pizzeria Equipment

Specialized equipment is essential for patisseries and pizzerias. Lusini provides a variety of products tailored to these culinary arts:

  • Patisserie Equipment: Includes baking sheets, decorating bags, and specialized knives to create exquisite pastries and desserts.
  • Pizzeria Equipment: Features pizza ovens, dough mixers, and pasta machines to produce perfect pizzas and pasta dishes.

Adhering to Hygiene Standards

Maintaining high hygiene standards is crucial in any professional kitchen. Lusini ensures that all products meet stringent hygiene requirements, making it easier to comply with regulations and maintain a clean kitchen environment. The HACCP-compliant products help in setting up an effective hygiene management system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a commercial kitchen? A commercial kitchen is defined by its scale and the professional equipment used to prepare food for large numbers of people, often employing multiple staff members.

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How much does it cost to set up a professional kitchen? The cost varies depending on the size and equipment needed. Lusini offers tailored advice and quotations to help plan and budget effectively.

How large should a professional kitchen be? The size of a professional kitchen depends on the volume of food preparation and the number of staff. Generally, each staff member should have at least 1.5 square meters of space to work efficiently.


Lusini is more than just a supplier; it’s a partner in culinary excellence. With a wide range of high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to meeting the needs of professional kitchens, Lusini stands out as the go-to source for kitchen equipment. Explore the catalogue, take advantage of the fantastic offers, and equip the kitchen with the best tools available. Whether outfitting a new kitchen or upgrading existing equipment, Lusini provides everything needed to achieve culinary success.

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