Apple’s New Reality: Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Smart Glasses

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Apple’s New Reality: Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Smart Glasses


Picture by MacRumors

Parts that make up Apple’s smart glasses leaked to the web!

It’s already certain that Apple is expected to launch its first product in the virtual/augmented reality world this year, with a launch date set for June. Testimonies supporting the date come from the production line, which has started to manufacture the necessary parts for the new glasses, making it only a matter of time before we begin to see more and more pictures of the promising product from Apple.

The MacRumors website reports that a Twitter user with a closed account and a fairly accurate history of publishing details of Apple’s device parts has published the first pictures of parts from what is expected to be the new glasses arriving in June.


Picture by MacRumors


In one of the pictures, two components can be seen in a shape that encircles the eye area and appears to include a connection between the screens and the motherboard, which is expected to be in the front of the glasses. In another picture, a component containing a set of three sensors or cameras of the same length can be seen.

According to MacRumors, the user’s post is accompanied by an emoji of a smiling face with sunglasses, and the images, which leave no room for imagination, are indeed believed to be Apple’s glasses.

As mentioned, the new glasses are expected to be unveiled in June, most likely as part of Apple’s WWDC 2023 developers event, where the company’s new operating systems for various devices will also be launched. The new glasses are expected to support virtual reality and augmented reality, which will allow you to integrate virtual accessories into the real space.

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